Imagine the nervous excitement of showing up to a sleepover with new and maybe familiar women to set out on an adventure of catharsis together. You find your room and introduce yourself to your roomie for the weekend. You head out to the dinner table and sit amongst these beings that are here for a similarly epic experience. You begin to talk and share stories over breaking bread and somewhere along the way it feels easy to be in connection with these women. Your nervous system begins to settle as you feel the ease and the connection around the table. You normally feel awkward, out of place, maybe even an outsider but today as you sit you feel at home, like you are with those you have known before… a kinship if you will. You retire with a soft and relaxed heart.

You wake to a new day excited about the uncertainty of what is to come. You walk into a sacred room where you have been told you will be doing movement. Everyone gathers in a circle and waits for instruction. You spend the next hour or so connecting to your body in a new way. A liberating experience of communication between you and your body… you and your soul. You start to move gently and slowly opening up your body… asking her how you can serve, how you can worship and nourish her. You begin a conversation with your body… your ego constantly trying to interrupt but you let your body drive this one. With her taking the lead you begin to follow... you begin to surrender. Surrendering your judgments, your shame... Surrendering to a place of no  mind. As your body moves to the rhythm of your heart you find yourself in a state of grace.

Feeling grounded, free and in your body you are ready to open your heart and drop in even further by communing with cacao. A luscious and gentle experience of heart opening, heart connection and the truth of love.

After stepping into connection with yourself and your new allies you begin an evening of releasing. A time to come together and witness the stories that hold us back from the truth of who we are and the truth about what we want out of life. Then you pause and break bread with this coven of women before you all gathered around the fire to burn away what you are ready to release and witness the releasing of those around you.

The following day we honor the new moon. A time for new intentions and beginning a new cycle. We come together this day to remember the truth and to reclaim it.