There is a world for us to see.

It may not be apparent as you look out from where you are in this moment.  It exists withIN you & as you activate it & remember your true, divine self, everything changes.

You change, your DNA shifts, the world around you shifts.  This does not have to be catastrophic.  It can be a held & integrated with ease & grace.

It all lives withIN you.  

If you desire to journey with brilliant allies on this part of your path to activate more of you in a rapid expansion then this retreat is for you.

Your body is full of wisdom & often we are deeply disconnected from our bodies & our wisdom.


We will create space to drop into your body.  To experience her in a whole new way.

We will create space to feel into releasing old stories that not longer serve as you stand more fully in your power.

We will create space to know your guides more intimately.

Mostly, we will create space for you to know your True self in all her divine essence.

It will change everything.  


Full Price $777 ~ Bring a Sister $555 ~ Two Payments of $427

Ava & Shannon have crafted a potent flow for our time together.

Click the above banner for a more detailed picture of the daily retreat rhythm.


Our magical retreat center on sacred land just an hour outside of Asheville.

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