Questions you may have:

What will the rhythm of the month be like?

There will be 2 group calls throughout the month, usually on Thursdays and all dates will be given to you in your welcome package at the start of the program. Additionally, you will have specially curated weekly sister connection calls.

You will flow in and out of this rhythm while staying devoted to yourself. Sometimes you may need to go more inward and have space from the group and this will be honored with reverence. Each woman is responsible for the time, energy, and devotion she commits to this program.


What is your refund policy?

We strongly believe in committed acts of devotion and investing in oneself and one’s journey. We are fully invested in showing up for you, my love, and devoted to the unfoldment of your journey. This is why we ask that you be a resounding YES to yourself and this program upon enrolling.


How far along on the path do I need to be?

We do not believe this path to be linear and therefore cannot believe that anyone need to be in a particular place on the path. We all have something to learn from each other and we all have things to shed. This journey is a spiral that continues to loop around and we believe that no matter where you are standing today that this program will help you remember and activate more of your magic.


How do we get started working together?

We love playing and communing with women familiar and new. Let's get on zoom and connect.