Step into the power of the sacred masculine & divine feminine that lives within you.

Being seen is my deepest fear


my greatest desire.


Our work in the world has been to unravel all that we thought defined us so that we could begin to remember and activate who we truly are at our essence.

It can feel fucking scary! It is scary to admit that we are powerful.


Ava & Shannon are Weavers of the Sacred Masculine & Divine Feminine within.  

So are you.  

As you begin to feel into the truth of who you are or rather who you are not, can you notice what feels like truth and what feels like illusion?  

This is discernment… it is a powerful place to know what is your truth.   Your truth might be different than how you have been living and it means that changes are coming but we promise those changes are how you get to freedom.



The sacred masculine is awakening as the divine feminine is rising.

Can you feel this within you?  Can you feel it in the collective consciousness?

Each of us has the energy of the sacred masculine & the divine feminine pulsing within us.  Communing with your sacred masculine & divine feminine creates a sacred space within you to bring the power of these energies more fully into your life.  The intertwining dance of the sacred masculine & divine feminine is a movement in discernment. Discernment, like intuition & attunement to magic, is cultivated.  It strengthens through practice.  

Stepping onto this path with us is saying YES to your inner weaver.  It is saying YES to stepping into & standing in your true power.  It is saying YES to letting your essence radiate out in service to the world.

We invite you to practice with us & each of your sister weavers in our intentional, sacredly held & safe container.

We will all be stepping into the container together to be deeply seen & truly heard by each other.  This is the healing.  None of us has it figured out.  We are each living into all of our power & essence.   The process is often messy & sharing your messiness & witnessing each other in this messiness creates potent healing.