Boundaries can feel tricky.

With no boundaries too much energy gets into your system & overwhelms you.

With too rigid boundaries you isolate yourself as you bulldoze through the world.

How do you discern your healthy boundaries?

It is a moving target because life is dynamic.

This Boundaries course with Ava & Shannon will create clarity around your present

boundaries & cultivate your practice of discernment as you navigate boundaries moving forward.

This is activation work.

The activation of your knowing at a deep level that allows you to stand more fully in your power.

I am ready to Remember Boundaries

We will journey for 7 weeks together unpacking boundaries.

Together we will look at:

Our current boundaries


Energetic containers

Communicating our boundaries

Identifying energy leaks

Tools for releasing and rewiring



We begin March 2nd

Each week you will receive a module or pdf with course content and then we will meet the following Wednesday LIVE at 1pm EST.

The week of April 4th will be an integration week with no live call.