Soul Necessary ~ Is It Your Time to Shift?


14 years ago I left corporate lawyering in Manhattan after just over 2 years.  This was the kind of job “everyone” wanted after law school.  I was full of excitement about it & a year in found myself wondering why anyone wanted this job.  There was a part of me that was fighting to reclaim myself that felt smothered in my work life…which at that time was my whole life. 

I didn’t want to live a buttoned-up life anymore.

Many in the life saw the change I made as irresponsible & were very vocal about their feelings.  I heard a deeper voice…I heard the voice from within me that said “go see the world.”   I listened to that voice…

I headed to Africa.  A friend & I bought a 1984 Land Cruiser in Durban, South Africa & spent the next 10 months driving through Southern & Eastern Africa living out the vehicle that we fondly named, “The Beast.”  That was 2003.

This led to more travel as a traveler photographer for a few years.  Then putting down some roots down with my husband in Asheville, NC. 

As I reflect back now on that choice to leave corporate lawyering I know that it was Soul Necessary.   

In my travels I began to hear the whispers of my intuition again.  I know She (my intuition) was always there but Her voice had gotten muffled in the chaos & noise of my day to day.  She wasn’t valued in the arena where I was playing so I lost trust in her wisdom.

I got caught up in thriving in my individual eco-system & it had confined me.  I would do the same 4 steps on my small dance floor & I could not see how it could be different.  I could not see beyond my wounded loop!  

Once I started to clear away some of my old stories the dance floor got bigger…I could see more steps…then I had choices…this was freedom!

There are still moments when I end up in one of my wounded dances but my relationship with that dance has shifted.  I tend to stay in the loop for less time & not let it suck me in so deep.

This is NOT a siren call to quit & throw yourself out into the world with a backpack & a camera.  BUT if you are feeling constricted, it is a call to create a space for your clearing of the old & creating space for your new. 

A few years ago there was another Soul Necessary moment ~ that aching within ~ to get intentional around honoring my divine feminine.  For me, it was a call to stop dragging my business along & doing my wounded masculine dance over & over.   It was time to stop utterly depleting my energy & find a more aligned way to show up.

It was time to name my old stories, clear them & create space rather than recreating my betrayals & deepening my wounds.

Now, I work with women in transition that are desiring to stand more fully in their true power & commune with themselves and their intuition.   I am committed to the momentum of moving forward in the collective & for myself.


If any of this is you, and you're currently FEELING IT you are not alone.  If you feel like you want to Divine Union withIN you with a powerful collective of women, come join us for Remembering Divine Union, registration is still open through the end of October ~