Fuck Sisterhood


In the past few years, I have praised sisterhood & craved more of it.  My Honor The Feminine Podcast was established through “sisterhood.”  So why then Fuck Sisterhood?

Sisterhood, as it is playing out today, comes from a reaction to the wounded masculine & wounded feminine energies that have swirled around us for centuries.  The idea of sisterhood was to call in the divine feminine energy & to rise up together.  The pendulum swung from the wounded energies to a love & light sisterhood as a reaction to the wounds women have faced for millennial…wounds that we carry in our cells.  The rise of sisterhood is a reaction to this deep wounding & an overcorrection.  Perhaps, a necessary overcorrection to usher in a truer, more powerful balance on the horizon.

We are in a time of rapid expansion.  So, copy I wrote even back in July no longer is aligned or rings true for me today. 

I am a no to love & light sisterhood.

I am a no to the spiritual bypassing of sitting in a circle & swaying and calling that healing. 

I am a no to calling women into circle to make flower crowns & then when real issues arise out of our wounds not creating space to truly clear that wounding. 

I am a no to pretending that all is roses & butterflies in sisterhood & that there is no place for the shadow & to truly open ourselves up to the pain & messiness of each other. 

I am a no to brushing the pickliness of our human relationships, our friendships with women, under the rug just so everyone can leave circle feeling lighter on the surface. 

I am a yes to powerful women coming together to support each other. 

I am a yes to each woman stepping more fully into her true power & her gifts. 

I am a yes to coming together & addressing the true, messy feelings that come up as an avenue to clearing. 

I am a yes to clearing our old stories to create space for more of our divine essence to shine through. 

I am a yes to facing each other & loving each other through truth.

As women, we have been scratching the surface of our true power.  There may have been a time where just coming together was enough to create a shift.  Now, we are called to more.  We are called to excavate our wounds so they can become scars, instead of masking our wounds in flowers & rainbows.

This is a call for all of us…women & men…to heal together.  It is a call to feel into the divine feminine & sacred masculine polarity of energies that lives within each of us & begin weaving them together. 

It is a call to speak your truth…to shine your unique gifts…to play big.

The women that have come & stayed in my life are not afraid to remind me of my gifts & how far I have come.  They are also not afraid to turn me toward my shadow, my old stories & tell me the truth. 

I have watched as we together grow, change & expand rapidly.  I want more of this!



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Shannon Ledford is the host & creatrix of the Honor The Feminine Podcast.  She is committed to momentum of moving forward in the collective & in herself through Divine Union.  Her 8-month journey of Remembering Divine Union is for women ready to stand in their true power.