Ava Remembers that She is Magic

My dearest P,

My heart. My compass. My why. My north star*

When you entered this world 4.5 years ago you activated my remembering. You activated my magic. I love you beyond time and space and am so grateful that you chose to be with me this lifetime.

I have had some hard lessons recently. The universe gave me some serious wake up calls and I'm so thankful. I've since processed and figured a lot out... like who I need to become. And then I came to visit and you so easily modeled for me all that I've learned.


Sometimes we need a WHY bigger than ourselves and YOU are that why for me. I abandoned myself for a bit and I may do it again but every time I do I forget that I'm also abandoning you.

I want to model for you what it means to be a reverent woman in her power.

I have a deeply ingrained story that it isn't safe to be powerful and it isn’t safe to attract any kind of attention. It is my mission this lifetime to shed this story and you help me do that. It is a process everyday but I am devoted to this mission, I am devoted to standing in reverence, and I am devoted because when I stand in reverence for myself I also do it for the other women that have a similar story.

Thank you so much, dear one, for being you… my guiding light. I am forever thankful!



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