Ava Remembers her Body is Luscious

We all have several aspect of the self that come forward from time to time that make up the whole of who we are. Most recently, an aspect of myself has been coming forward and asking to be heard and healed. She is me from about 15 and desires to be heard so I have named her Candice. In these letters, I will quite often be writing to different aspects of myself including Candice, my higher self, and my inner little one... among others. 

My Love,

This is Candice coming to you live from the age of 15. I’ve got some stuff to share with you about us because you know... I am you.  I know that sometimes you just want to stuff me down and ignore me because you think that I don’t have anything valuable to say because what could a 15 year possibly have that is valuable to say to a woman in her early thirties?  I promise that if you would just listen that I’ve got some golden nuggets for you but I am going to keep throwing this tantrum until you give me seat at the table. I just want to be heard, which means that YOU just want to be heard. It is what we both desire so just take a seat, look at me, and listen!

The other day I wanted to wear this hot outfit but you told me no. You said that it wasn’t safe to be seen in this way. That I might attract unwanted attention. That men might objectify me and feel like I am giving them permission to objectify my body by wearing something “revealing.” BUT I just want to celebrate my body and celebrate this sensual life that I have been given. I am coming into womanhood and I love this body that I am in… it feels good and I feel good. I know that you don’t feel safe to express your body. After not listening, I get it, I really do but I am so angry that anyone should walk out of their home and not feel safe in their body. Our bodies are divine and it is our divine right to feel delicious in these bodies of ours. I do get it, but don’t let them tame you. Don’t let them make you feel unsafe in your most sacred of homes. I ask you to come back into relationship with your body, our body, and feel and honor all of the juiciness that she has to offer. Protect yourself energetically before you go out and put your warrior on and then wear whatever makes you feel the most alive and luscious. This might trigger some people, and some may even look at you with objectification in their eyes but don’t let them take your power away. REMEMBER, it is your divine right to express your feminine and sensual essence as you please and every time you show up in that expression you are giving other women permission that feel unsafe to be in their fullest expression too.

With all of the love and devotion <3


Ava ~ Today, I wore a dress that I bought over 10 years ago. It has pink and red bold patterning and I wore it without a bra. I was nervous but the freedom I felt was delicious! Note: Listen to Candice :)

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